[CentOS] special tricks for developers box on centos 5

Frank Cox theatre at sasktel.net
Fri Nov 30 02:34:22 UTC 2007

On Thu, 29 Nov 2007 18:25:47 -0800
Robert - elists <lists07 at abbacomm.net> wrote:

> ccache does not appear to be part of the centos base or core or whatever you
> wanna call it

I think it's just too new and shiny.  ccache is installed by default with
Fedora 8.

> Is there any downside to installing ccache?

None that I've noticed myself.  It can eat up a fair bit of hard drive space,
but you can set that for whatever you want and in the age of big hard drives
that's not a terribly significant issue.

> How about on an internet facing box?

I can't see how it would introduce any vulnerabilities that a c compiler
doesn't introduce on its own.  But I'm not a security expert either, so what I
do I know....

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