[CentOS] Re: Stuck at GRUB

Christopher Chan christopher at ias.com.hk
Fri Nov 30 02:50:49 UTC 2007

>> Looks good. The important part is that it references the drive when 
>> doing the installation.
> What do you mean?

The problem is that grub stage1 is loaded but its instructions for 
locating stage2 point it to another disk which may or may not be at the 
location stored. That was the problem with grub installation done by 
anaconda and is the reason why you can see GRUB but it does not continue 
on because its installation point both instances of grub stage1 to a disk.

For that reason, you have to manually tell grub to install stage1 with 
instructions to look for the stage2 part that is on the same disk where 
the stage1 part is installed for >= RHEL4 systems.

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