[CentOS] Re: Stuck at GRUB

Christopher Chan christopher at ias.com.hk
Fri Nov 30 02:52:48 UTC 2007

>>> Is there a way to know where grub is installed?  I have a few servers 
>>> running in RAID 1 software for /boot, I gotta fix this.  If I can't 
>>> tell whether it is installed or not, is it dangerous to re-install it 
>>> using the command above?
>> So long as you have all the necessary grub files, there is not much 
>> danger. Even if you are missing a config file on this side of the 
>> mirror (impossible...) so long as you load grub stage 2, you will have 
>> the power you need to continue if you have access (eg: via serial)
> I was talking about all my others centos4 machines..

Yes I know. I was trying to also tell you why it is not dangerous to 
install grub. My apologies if I was confusing.

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