[CentOS] How to delete mails in the mailq in ONE DAY -- POSTFIX

Indunil Jayasooriya indunil75 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 07:38:18 UTC 2007

I am runnig posfix on Centos 4.4 as a Mailgateway. It only accepts mails for
domains and then forwards mails to Lotus domino Server.

All clients sends outgoing mails to that Lotus domino Server. Then , That
Lotus Domino Server sends mails to Postfix mailgateway. This postfix
mailgateway sends mails to all the destinations. But, This Postfix
mailgateway has about 150 messages in the mailq. Some are unwanted mails. I
think they keep trying until 5 days old. I want decrease it to ONE DAY.

In Sendmail, this can be done by editing sendmail.mc  as below.

(`confTO_QUEUERETURN', `5d')dnl

changing above line to below line

(`confTO_QUEUERETURN', `1d')dnl

How Can I do it in Postfix?


O Timeout.queuereturn=5d

Thank you
Indunil Jayasooriya
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