[CentOS] New machine dying on boot.... - CPU 0 not enough memory for domain -

Tue Nov 13 19:36:51 UTC 2007
John Plemons <john at mavin.com>

I am playing with a new machine I just got in and it is dying on boot... 

I'm wondering if it is to much machine for Centos to run..

It is a Generic machine using a Tyan Thunder motherboard running (8) 
eight dual core AMD 855 cpu's with 128 gig of ram, not 128 meg, but 128 
gig of ram. (2) SCSI 146 Seagate Drives.  ATI Graphics built onto the board.

The error I'm seeing is on loading the Kernel, I get a message that says 
"CPU 0 not enough memory for domain"

I'm lost with 128 gig of ram I'd think there is plenty of memory...

The load is a fresh install ( today ) of Centos 5 - x86_64 version

Used the defaults on all of the items it is vanilla as can be, yet it 
chokes and dies...

As for the machine, it is a new machine that I just picked up, I'm 
loading Centos to make sure it is working correctly...