[CentOS] how can I use awk to match? pls help

Thu Nov 15 18:41:32 UTC 2007
ann kok <annkok2001 at yahoo.com>

Hi all

I don't have idea how to write this script, please

I have thousand records in this format. eg: file No.3

File No:       003
Customer:      Ann
Email address: xxx at info
Country:       England
Created by:    20071102

file No. 4 is:

File No:       004
Customer:      James
Email address: xxx at gov
Country:       Australia
Created by:    20071105

I need to write a script to replace those Fields 
eg: (Customer/Email/Country.... when matching the
FileNo.001...002...) to get Data in this file
and also put the date in "Created by:    20071105"
when I run this script 

File NO  Customer     	      Email Address     
001      John     	      xxx at net            USA
002      Peter                xxx at com  	        
003      David                xxx at org           

I know awk can do it. but don't know how to match the
File No. in original file and the data file

Thank you for your help

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