[CentOS] NS Question

Fri Nov 16 03:05:28 UTC 2007
Victor Padro <vpadro at gmail.com>

Hello everyone,

I got a question, I'm not new in the linux scene or even a geek, but I
am confused about certain stuff regarding Bind, DNS stuff, or
whatsoever, maybe it's a silly question. Anyway.
About 3 years ago I hired a dedicated server in certain company, for
hosting my site and some other sites, didn't work at all the plan I
had, nevertheless I was using Redhat 9 or something related to redhat,
and using plesk as a control panel at that time, i was able to
configure two dns servers on that box using the web interface,
ns1.olddomain.com and ns2.olddomain.com using two public different IP
addresses (201.56.xx.84, 201.56.xx.86), but now i want to do it
without using plesk or even a control panel, now can i do this using
Maybe a tutorial, a howto could help me do the job, i am trying to
migrate/learn more about networking using linux, but essencially how
does it work, do i need two eth interfaces, virtual adapters, etc.

Any help given will be apreciated.

Thank you all.

Sorry for my english, btw.