[CentOS] Re: anyone using DBMail?

Sat Nov 3 18:23:02 UTC 2007
Lee Garner <lee at leegarner.com>

> Now, storing email in a database might be a controversial idea. I can
> definitely see at the same time some advantages, but also some
> disadvantages. However, for an IMAP server that essentially is used only
> by two people, I don't think the database per se can be a problem.

What's the controversy?  Think Exchange, Domino, Groupwise.

Anybody here using DBMail? Any success stories? Horror stories? "Meh"
> stories?

If I do end up using it, most likely I'll use ver 2.2.5 (available in
> the EPEL repo) with CentOS 5, probably with a MySQL backend (but I'm not
> sure yet, SQLite might be another option).

1-2 years ago I migrated away from Maildir files to DBMail using MySQL.  My
goals was primarily stability.  With replicated database servers and
separating the frontend from the backend, I gained reliability and

This wasn't for user accounts (Exchange handled those), but for dedicated
addresses related to products.  Another server process typically POP'd the

Generally it worked great.  There's a bit of setup and testing involved, but
overall I was quite happy with it.  There's a web admin interface that works
pretty well also.
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