[CentOS] Installing NTFS-3G

Mon Nov 5 19:49:53 UTC 2007
Dennis McLeod <dmcleod at foranyauto.com>

I just installed this last Thursday. The notes on the wiki site were
helpful: (dkms and dkms-fuse install the fuse kernel module).

Here were my steps:

Enable RPMFORGE repository:


rpm --import http://dag.wieers.com/rpm/packages/RPM-GPG-KEY.dag.txt

rpm -i rpmforge-release-0.3.6-1.el5.rf.*.rpm

yum install dkms dkms-fuse fuse-ntfs-3g

Was all I did...

(Actually, I installed yum-priorities as well.....)


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When I tried installing ntfs 3g on CentOS 5 I got an error telling me it
needed FUSE >= 2.6 I got FUSE but on attempting to install it it gives the
following error:

Fuse configure error
checking kernel source directory... Not found
configure: error:
        *** Please specify the location of the kernel source with
        *** the '--with-kernel=SRCDIR' option
configure: error: ./configure failed for kernel

Please let me know how to walk around this
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