[CentOS] Intel 1000/PRO GT (e1000 driver) and "Detect Tx Unit Hang" error with 4GB RAM

Fri Nov 9 16:55:47 UTC 2007
Steven Alexson <steve at alexson.org>

Hmmm...any chance that you can ellaborate on what updates will be
included with 5.1. Not sure if it will be of practical interest
anymore (I have 4 new network cards...non-Intel..on the way) since I
have spent far more time on this problem than I should have. But, from
a curiousity perspective, I am curious.

If I could resolve this problem and use the Intel cards, that would be
ideal. Then I could return the 4 cards I ordered today and save a bit
of money. If waiting the couple of weeks (projected) that it takes for
5.1 to roll out, that might be worth it.

Thanks for the insight.

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