[CentOS] A good primer to User Administration?

Tue Nov 13 17:51:16 UTC 2007
Shibu C Varughese <shibucv at itmission.org>

Eric B. wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been running Linux as a workstation OS for years, and have been dealing 
> with Windows networks and standalone Linux servers for a while now. 
> However, the time has come for me to complete redo the server installation 
> and am looking to move to a complete CentOS install base, with only Windows 
> workstations.
> My question is the following.  I've been searching online for a good 
> reference to describe good practices when building a linux network, but 
> haven't really been able to find much when it comes to best practices for 
> user administration, ACLs, "optimal" (or recommended) file locations, etc. 
> For example, I know I need an LDAP server, but not sure how that ties into 
> system login, or how to use a Linux LDAP server as the basis for a primary 
> domain controller (is it still called that given Windows AD world?), etc. 
> Or even how to properly create group structures and ACLs that accurately 
> reflect group ownership/etc.  The octal permissions at the file level are 
> only good enough for a single group; I need to give multiple groups 
> different permissions on the same files, etc.
> I realize that there are a lot of questions that I need to research, but I 
> was hoping someone could point me in the direction of some advanced admin 
> docs with best practices, etc.  Most of the stuff I find relates on how to 
> set up a basic standalone PC, without any reference to how to network 
> together a bunch of servers running off central authentication, etc...
> Thanks for the advice!
> Eric


if you are thinking of setting up ldap, email, address book ...etc.. all 
in one go ... then you need to test out ...something like  zimbra from 

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