[CentOS] Pre-built kernel 2.6.20 for CentOS 5?

Wed Nov 14 14:52:40 UTC 2007
Holtz,Robert <Robert.Holtz at edwardjones.com>

Just download the source code for whatever version you need and compile
it yourself.  This isn't as painful as it sounds. 

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Kevin Thorpe wrote:
> Can anyone point me towards a pre-built kernel 2.6.20 for CentOS 5?
> I need the later version to run Yosemite backup. I thought I was being

> clever and installed a Fedora kernel and it worked 99%, sadly the bit 
> that didn't was the tape device which rather spoiled things.

what part of the .20 kernel is required ? could you just backport the
driver once and for all and not need to worry about it then ?

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