[CentOS] Pre-built kernel 2.6.20 for CentOS 5?

Wed Nov 14 15:15:22 UTC 2007
Holtz,Robert <Robert.Holtz at edwardjones.com>


It's not a one way trip ... you can always revert back.

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Holtz,Robert wrote:
> Just download the source code for whatever version you need and 
> compile it yourself.  This isn't as painful as it sounds.

Yeah, but it isn't as CentOS as it sounds, either. The distributed
kernels have up to 700 patches (2.6.9 last time I counted) against them,
stuff tends to get backported into the released kernels, there are
performance patches and other patches for whatnot in that kernel.

So yes, it might be that it is easy to just compile the kernel. But the
outcome might not be what you expect it to be.


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