[CentOS] Basic Network question pinging different subnets

Sat Nov 17 04:27:30 UTC 2007
Bob Metelsky <bobmetelsky at comcast.net>

>> Any ideas why this is happening? I dont have a firewall on the 10.54 
>> address,
> presumably, the windows machine is connected to the 'eth0' network 
> that the centos machines are connected to?
> how exactly do you expect the packets to get from there to the other 
> network?  the windows machine has been instructed to forward all 
> unknown packets to, which presumably is some other sort of 
> router...   chances are, said has no clue where 10.54.0.xxx is.

Ya-  I see - your right the router is  The rest of the network 
switches are  hubs off of that (all still 10.54.7.)

this private network is truly private  (independent to the 2 computers 
connected) in other words they are off the network, their traffic oesn't 
go through a switch.

I didn't give this enough thought ....

the fact is I dont need to connect to the 0 address directly from the 
windows machine. The 0 address is only for private network between the 
database servers...

I was just curious that I couldn't ping them, I thought ping (and the 
port scanner) should magically find them (like dns) ...

> solution 1) configure a linux computer to do 'ip forwarding', and give 
> the windows machine a route like...
>    C>  route add mask gw
> or, solution 2) configure the router at to have a route to 
> this other network.
> if both networks are on the same hub/switch, then I can only ask... WHY?

Thanks for the insight,