[CentOS] pine 4.64 with CentOS with LDAP

Tue Nov 20 01:46:07 UTC 2007
Akemi Yagi <amyagi at gmail.com>

> On Mon, 19 Nov 2007, Farid Hamjavar wrote:
> In advanced search I de-seletced all but RedHat 5.X  and CentOS.
> No 4.64
> Let me know if I can search in any other method ....
> Or waht I did was wrong ,etc ...

Apparently, you do not know about the rpmforge repository and Dag !!

Please refer to this wiki:


and install the rpmforge repo.  Then all you need to do to install pine is:

yum install pine  (or yum --eneblerepo=rpmforge install pine)

I am a heavy pine user, too.  Also you can find other useful
repositories that work with CentOS in:


Hope this helps,