[CentOS] manipulating files and directories with spaces

Tue Nov 20 18:19:48 UTC 2007
Shad L. Lords <slords at lordsfam.net>

> Hi,
>    This might be a little O.t. so private responses please.
>    I've got apache and samba running on a CentOS5 box enabling windows 
> users to add web content. My issue is i've had to restore some backup data 
> that was previously archived. The permissions aren't matching up so i'm 
> wanting to use find and xargs to change them appropriately. Normally i do:
> find . -type type |xargs chmod value "{}"\;
> which usually works. My issue is the files were made with spaces so find 
> isn't able to find them. Does anyone have a workaround? Some urgency!


find . -type type -print0 | xargs -0 chmod value