[CentOS] Announcing the CentOS on Laptops initiative

Tue Nov 27 17:16:16 UTC 2007
Johnny Tan <linuxweb at gmail.com>

Lorenzo Quatrini wrote:
> I'm actually using CentOS on 2 laptops, and I have really few issues:
> on the newer one (a Lenovo) the only thing that doesn't work is sound (I 
> know the newer alsa drivers would work, but I'm too lazy to install 
> them: I'll wait for the updates) but it isn't a big deal: I'm using it 
> for work, and I don't need sound

I have CentOS-5 on a Thinkpad X61s and also only have sound 
as my major issue. Otherwise, it's great and I see no reason 
to run Fedora/Ubuntu.

One (more general, not CentOS-specific) problem that I have 
is that there's no network profile manager. Traveling among 
4 different locations (none with DHCP) means constantly 
going in and changing my network settings. Anyone know of a 
program to do something like what OS X does?

Anyway, I'll throw up my experiences on the wiki soon, 
though it's been a few months, so my memory's patchy.

Dag, is this the correct page?

And are we supposed to do it on our own page and then link 
to it? Seems like the existing ones are like that.

Or, if we create a page on there, should multiple entries of 
the same laptop model go on the same line somehow?