[CentOS] Filesystem for Maildir

Wed Nov 28 02:18:31 UTC 2007
Christopher Chan <christopher at ias.com.hk>

>>> On CentOS 5.0, a had the same benchmarks and now, EXT3 and XFS seems 
>>> to had better or equivalent performance on Read and Create Random 
>>> files. One of this tests, using bonnie++, show this:
>>> # bonnie++ -d /mnt/sdc1/testfile -s 8192 -m `hostname` -n 
>>> 50:150000:5000:1000
>> bonnie++? Not appropriate. Try this: 
>> http://untroubled.org/benchmarking/2004-04/
>> And add JFS to the mix. You will be surprised.
> I already done tests with fsbench and the results on CentOS 4.5 were 
> equivalent: the performance of XFS was much higher than EXT3.
> Then, i retest using fsbench, bonnie++ and iozone on CentOS 5.0, and the 
> results now show the EXT3 (dir_index, noatime) with performance similar 
> to XFS.

Say....how do the numbers on Centos 5 compare with Centos 4.5? Did XFS 
loose performance?