[CentOS] 2 DHCP server in one subnet

Wed Nov 28 13:43:25 UTC 2007
Bleier Thomas <Thomas.Bleier at arcs.ac.at>

Hi Fajar,

on the Linux DHCPD I would add an "allow" directive to the pool, and put your LTSP clients in a class:

subnet netmask {
  class "ltsp" {
    match if ...

  pool {
    allow members of "ltsp";

Afaik W2K DHCP does not have such an option - so you could probably try to fill the W2K DHCP address range with reservations, so that it does not have any more IP addresses to serve for other clients that you want. But I did not test that, so YMMV...

You said you have to have your W2K server running - but couldn't you just disable the DHCP-Server on it and serve all your clients form the Linux DHCPD? Recent versions of dhcpd also support dynamic DNS registration, so I don't see any (technical) reason why to keep the W2K DHCP...

Just my 2c,

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Hello all,
In the network there is already a W2K server serving as DHCP server for the network. Then we want to implement LTSP, so we need to setup another DHCP server, right?

Due to unexpected reason (little by little migration of w98 clients to LTSP), we need to keep the W2K server running in that network. Can we then have 2 DHCP server in the same subnet, only serving pre-determine clients using mac address? Any clue on how to setup the dhcpd.conf?

Thank you very much.
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