Release Cycles [was RE: [CentOS] special tricks for developersbox on centos 5]

Fri Nov 30 17:39:01 UTC 2007
Robert - elists <lists07 at>

> RH has shared already.
> Fedora is released on an ~6 month cycle [1].
> RHEL is released on an 18/24 month cycle [2].
> 18/6=3 and 24/6=4
> EL5 branched off from FC6 during the testing stage, so EL6 should
> presumably be derived from Fedora 9 or 10.
> For more info google:
> 	fedora enterprise
> Phil
> [1]
> [2]


I guess some of us people in the trenches need to get out a bit more into
the bleeding edge documentations eh?

Of course I knew the fuzzy general basics of all this yet I suppose I needed
a solid reminder... 

And I thank you for that. Good lookin' out.

CentOS is so rock solid that our installs have been running since CentOS
first came on the scene, was tested, and immediately provisioned and

Good thing we are essentially done scrambling (read working like intelligent
chicken with head cut off) for the 2007 year and now it is just time for
cleanup & getting organized to bed this year and birth a new one.

Cheers everyone, and remember, Jesus is the reason for everything.

 - rh