[CentOS] remote tar via ssh

Indunil Jayasooriya indunil75 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 10:44:01 UTC 2007

> Thank you so much for helping me
> Now I am trying to use the following command to backup
> all files in hda to sda3 (mount on seconddrive folder)
> in the same machine and also excludes
> /usr/bin/rsync -avz --exclude=/boot1
> --exclude=/seconddrive --exclude=/proc /* /seconddrive

try below .
it copies /opt/maildaily/maildaily.tar.gz to /mnt/maildaily

/usr/bin/rsync -a /opt/maildaily/maildaily.tar.gz /mnt/maildaily

FOR more, pls understand below  command  and its  meaning.

rsync -avz --delete --exclude=**/stats --exclude=**/error
--exclude=**/files/pictures -e "ssh -i /root/rsync/mirror-rsync-key"
someuser at server1.example.com:/var/www/ /var/www/

(The --delete option means that files that have been deleted on
server1.example.com should also be deleted on mirror.example.com. The
--exclude option means that these files/directories should not be mirrored;
e.g. --exclude=**/error means "do not mirror /var/www/error". You can use
multiple --exclude options. I have listed these options as examples; you can
adjust the command to your needs. Have a look at

another URL to read,



> > Thank you
> > Indunil Jayasooriya
> >
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Thank you
Indunil Jayasooriya
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