[CentOS] Logwatch for postfix

Stephen Harris lists at spuddy.org
Tue Oct 2 13:24:57 UTC 2007

On Tue, Oct 02, 2007 at 01:34:15PM +0200, Morten Torstensen wrote:
> Stephen Harris wrote:
> >Yeah.  My fix was to copy the services/postfix file in to
> >  /etc/logwatch/scripts/services/postfix
> >and edit the file.
> Thanks, your patch solved the problem for me. Tho all the config files 
> are under /usr/share/logwatch on my system. There are some stubs in 
> /etc/logwatch too, but I could not see any config entries that pointed 
> logwatch there.

The /etc files override the /usr/share files.  This allows you to leave
the package untouched (so updates won't delete your changes).



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