[CentOS] ot: vlans and vmware

Gordon McLellan gordonthree at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 15:33:45 UTC 2007

Does anyone have VLAN tagging working from within a guest on vmware-server?
I'm running a centos 4.5 guest on a centos 5 host with vmware server
1.04and I've tried creating vlans using both the
method and just doing it from the cli via vconfig.  Either way appears to
work, the OS creates the vlans, but I think vmware's network adapter must be
eating the tags or something, since the guest is not able to talk to the
real vlan on the switch.

On the host I setup vmnet3 to be bridged to eth1.  I bring eth1 up on the
host but don't configure it in anyway.  Vmnet3 is configured as eth1 on the
guest as well.  If I create vlans on eth1 on the host, it is able to talk to
corresponding vlans on the switch.

I'm wondering if there's some trick to get it work or some configuration
string needed in the vmx file?  Right now I have the vlans setup on the host
and then bridged to vmnetX adapters for the guests.  But this is kind of
messy since I have to take all my virtual machines down to change anything.

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