[CentOS] Re: Where Can I find Perl-DBD-Sybase RPMs?

Tony Mountifield tony at softins.clara.co.uk
Fri Oct 5 11:03:49 UTC 2007

In article <alpine.LRH.0.9999.0710051251420.12290 at horsea.3ti.be>,
Dag Wieers <dag at centos.org> wrote:
> On Fri, 5 Oct 2007, Ow Mun Heng wrote:
> > It's not in CentosPlus or CentosBase or Rpmforge.
> >
> > Does anyone know? (Looking for it for Centos 4.4)
> The problem is that you need a Sybase installation in order to build the
> RPM package. I generated a perl-DBD-Sybase SPEC file, but since I do not
> have Sybase I do not know whether it works or is correct.

Can you build it against FreeTDS?

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