[CentOS] near-realtime file system replication

Frank Büttner frank-buettner at gmx.net
Sat Oct 6 18:07:02 UTC 2007

John R Pierce schrieb:
> Whats available for doing near-realtime master->slave file replication
> between two CentOS systems?   
> Cronjobs running rsync won't cut it.  
> Ideally, I'd like something that works like SLONY-I does for Postgres
> databases, where all file system block level transactions on the master
> get replicated to the 2nd system on a 'as fast as practical' basis (a
> second or two of lag is acceptable).    If the slave is offline or
> connectivity is interrupted, these transactions should be journaled so
> they can be played back when things resume.
> I'm open to other approaches, so far I've found very little in this
> category... I briefly considered using LVM mirroring over iscsi to the
> slave, but A) this is synchronous, B) recovery from a service
> interruption would require remirroring the whole volume.
> I've been reading about GFS but am somewhat confused as to its
> capabilities.   The examples given on redhat's pages seem to involve
> shared storage (SAN or whatever) and distributed cluster access, I don't
> need any of that, just simple master->slave one way asynchronous
> replication.  
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For GFS you dont't need SAN's. You can do it simly.
Or take DRBD, but for it you must compile an kernel module.

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