[CentOS] near-realtime file system replication

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A program that acts as an interface between the rdbms and whatever wants the files can be constructed easilly.  Personally I would look into using java to create an applet that uses jdbc to get the files from the rdbms and then uses regular java libraries to "ftp" it.  Stream to stream essentially.  The files extracted from the rdbms never need to exist on the fs, only in memory.


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gjgowey at tmo.blackberry.net wrote:
> If using a file system for the file storage isn't mandatory then I would go with an rdbms such as Postgres with the file stored in a blob field of a table.  If the systems are in the same location and can use a shared Filesystem then I would look into getting a netraid scsi card or something similar.  The netraid cards have the very nice capability of all sitting on a single scsi bus along with the datastore device (a hard drive or hdd array).  There's no replication that occurs because they are all using the same data source jointly.

The application for which I have an immediate requirement actually uses
postgres *and* files.   the files are required because of stupid
external reasons, they are collected and FTP'd to another system beyond
our control.   I'm already intending to evaluate Slony-I for the
postgres replication.

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