[CentOS] expand physical volume

Thomas Antony thomas at antony.eu
Sun Oct 7 18:45:55 UTC 2007

> The one and only partition on your device (sdb1) has the old size. That is, 
> there's free space on sdb. You have to either 1) create a partition sdb2 (and 
> then a pv on it etc.) or 2) resize the partition sdb1 (then resize the pv 
> etc.).
> I'd pick #1. remember to reread the partition table after creating the 
> partition (partprobe /dev/sdb or similar) before doing pvcreate on sdb2.
> The all you have left is to add the pv to your vg, resize the lv (or create a 
> new lv, whichever...). And finally resize the filesystem in the lv.

Hi Peter,

How do i resize this partition?
parted seems to want to resize the file system also and i think this 
would make some troubles.
I thought pvresize would do this in one step?


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