[CentOS] dbus can't send to audit system

Kenneth Porter shiva at sewingwitch.com
Mon Oct 8 06:19:45 UTC 2007

I'm seeing this in /var/log/messages:

Oct  7 20:46:25 centos dbus: Can't send to audit system: USER_AVC avc: 
received setenforce notice (enforcing=0) : exe="?" (sauid=81, hostname=?, 
addr=?, terminal=?)

Some googling suggested this was due to a policy issue a year ago, but I'm 
seeing it with selinux-policy-targeted-2.4.6-30.el5.

I've got a game server program (Enemy Territory Quake Wars 1.1) that fails 
to resolve a DNS entry unless I setenforce 0, and I'd like to find the 
audit entry that tells me why. Is this messages entry an indication that 
that auditing is broken?

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