[CentOS] Re: expand physical volume

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Mon Oct 8 19:31:12 UTC 2007

on 10/7/2007 4:16 PM Thomas Antony spake the following:
>> Note that I suggested that you _dont_ resize partitions but create a 
>> new one (new partition with a new pv on it etc.).
>> pvresize resizes the pv _if_ the containing block device or partition 
>> has already been grown.
>>> parted seems to want to resize the file system also and i think this
>>> would make some troubles.
>>> I thought pvresize would do this in one step?
> Hi Peter,
> Thank you for all your suggestions!
> I will probably will add sdb2, but i would like to know if it is 
> possible to resize a partitition without the filesystem an if yes how do 
> i do that?
> Thomas
You stand more of a chance losing data if you try to resize the partition.

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