[CentOS] re: Intel G33 Compatibility for Centos Server

Michael Rock mikerocks65 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 9 04:05:37 UTC 2007

John R Pierce 
>> that sounds more like a  desktop system, not really
>> what I'd consider 
>> server grade.  no ECC support, no redundant power
>> supplies, etc etc.

Going this route has served me just as well for the
last 3 years and at a cost I can afford. This is
actually a major step up from what I am running and
should see better mysql performance. (pretty high CPU
utilization currently)

Although these old servers were cutting edge when I
originally installed Centos the installs were pretty
smooth.  But since have had a few bad experiences with
some other Asus Nvidia chipsets on install.

So I am looking for some proven success with the G33
chipset so I do not end up with a board which going to
be a pain on install.

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