[CentOS] CD emulation (a la daemontools)

Chris Mauritz chrism at imntv.com
Tue Oct 9 19:09:17 UTC 2007

I was wondering if anyone was aware of a method for mounting virtual CD 
devices with CD image files.  I keep images (.CUE/.BIN pairs) of my CD 
collection on a NAS appliance tucked away in my closet.  I'd like to 
write a script to mount each one, create ID tags, rip the tracks, then 
move along to the next one.  I figure with a quad core opteron, it 
should be able to crank through them in a few days (it's a few thousand 
CD's worth of images).  Anyone done this before with their trusty CentOS 
box?  I'd be using CentOS 5.


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