[CentOS] nscd segfaulting on centos 4.5

Craig White craig at tobyhouse.com
Wed Oct 10 19:00:55 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-10-10 at 14:54 -0400, Andy Harrison wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> On 10/10/07, Craig White  wrote:
> > ----
> > user accounts in ldap
> >
> > accounts < 500 in /etc/passwd
> Could you provide some more detail?  Until I rig up nscd, when I look
> at an nfs volume, I see nothing but uid's and gid's for the file
> ownership.  Aside from 4 or 5 additional accounts, my passwd file is
> stock.  All my accounts (50,000+) are in ldap.
what's to detail?

[root at srv1 craig]# grep passwd /etc/nsswitch.conf
#passwd:    db files nisplus nis
passwd:     files ldap

[root at srv1 craig]# getent passwd|grep craig
craig:x:1000:100:Craig White:/home/storage/users/craig:/bin/sh

uid/gid's as numbers might be a little less convenient but still

[root at srv1 craig]# ls -ld /home/storage/users/craig/
drwx--x--x 116 craig users 12288 Oct  9 14:00 /home/storage/users/craig/

but it still shows user 'craig' and user 'craig' is in ldap and nscd is
indeed off

Craig White <craig at tobyhouse.com>

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