[CentOS] ssh X11 forwarding not working

James A. Peltier jpeltier at cs.sfu.ca
Wed Oct 10 19:14:45 UTC 2007

Jim Perrin wrote:
> On 10/10/07, John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com> wrote:
>>     $ ssh -X -v hostname
> In newer cases ssh -Y is what you want, which provides 'trusted'
> forwarding. Assuming the server supports it. (CentOS servers support
> this by default)

This is not openssh but ssh from secure.com

ssh: SSH Secure Shell 3.2.0 (non-commercial version) on i686-pc-linux-gnu

 From the man page

        +x     Enable  X11  connection  forwarding  (default).  If  X11 
  SECURITY  extension  is compiled in, treat the client applications as
               untrusted (the effects of this depend on your Xserver’s 
security policy). See TrustX11Applications in ssh2_config(5) for  addi-
               tional details.

        +X     As above, but the client applications are treated as trusted.

        -x     Disable X11 connection forwarding.

so the +X should have done the same thing as the -Y you specified.

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