[CentOS] PCI-X SATA RAID Controllers

Steve Bluck steve at staff.inhb.co.nz
Wed Oct 10 20:14:48 UTC 2007

Thanks for the replies (and thanks Matt, PCI-e is indeed what I meant
-brain freeze moment), I realise "linux dd" works -and is in fact how
I've installed CentOS 5, but unfortunately I require a card (PCI even!)
that will not require driver updates every kernel update and support a
minimum of 6 ports in RAID 1. 
Being a noob at Linux I'm having trouble sourcing a card that is
supported in the 2.6.18 kernel without the need to install drivers, and
replies from manufacturers either evade the question or require a
Masters degree in Linux, so I thought I'd tap into the combined
knowledge of everyone here!
So I'm still open to suggestions!

> I would recommend PCI-E if you want the fastest card available, and  
> using the 'linux dd' option before you install CentOS 5 allows you to

> load the 3ware kernel module prior to installation which is what I  
> did to get my 9650SE-16 working. ;-)

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