[CentOS] apt-cacher for CentOS

Lorenzo lorenzo at gmk.it
Thu Oct 11 07:34:10 UTC 2007

James A. Peltier ha scritto:
> Mark D. Foster wrote:
>> It looks like mrepo would be up to your task.
>> http://dag.wieers.com/home-made/mrepo/
>> I'm surprised Dag didn't mention this. I haven't tried it myself.
Maybe he is a bit shy? I think he deserves a big Thanks for all the work he 
does for us :) (and isn't the only one)

>> Where I work we rsync down from a centos mirror, excluding the bits we
>> don't need like isos-dvd/ and s390/. This keeps the total size within
>> reason, but still need nearly 30G for 4.5 and 5.0 combined.
> I just found mrepo and it looks like it might do it OK.  I'll give it a 
> try and see if it works for me.
I can confirm that mrepo does an excellent job on making a local mirror of 
wathever repo you wish. The only downside is, as I told before, that yum may 
end downloading and storing files you'll never need; but it is really easy to 
configure the server and you just need to modify the repos on the various 
clients to point to your server as it was just another mirror.

There is only a thing that doesn't seem to work correctly (at least for me): if 
I do "yum list groups" it shows only a few groups. Did I miss some option in 
configuration file?


Lorenzo Quatrini

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