[CentOS] Why tzdata-2007h [RHEA-2007:0928-05] only for CentOS 2?

Radu-Cristian FOTESCU beranger5ca at yahoo.ca
Thu Oct 11 13:21:55 UTC 2007

I might be stupid and ask an idiot or offensive question, but here it is:

"Why was tzdata-2007h [RHEA-2007:0928-05] only released for CentOS 2, when
upstream has released it for all the versions?"

The guys from X/OS have released it for 5.0 along with the other updates (on
Oct. 9).

Are the "enhancements"... "not important" as long as they're not "security

True, the guys from SL have only released tzdata-2007h in "fastbugs" -- which
is something you should not use --, but I am asking in a single place: why?


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