[CentOS] Why tzdata-2007h [RHEA-2007:0928-05] only for CentOS 2?

Robert kerplop at sbcglobal.net
Thu Oct 11 14:16:10 UTC 2007

Radu-Cristian FOTESCU wrote:
> I might be stupid and ask an idiot or offensive question, but here it is:
> "Why was tzdata-2007h [RHEA-2007:0928-05] only released for CentOS 2, when
> upstream has released it for all the versions?"
> The guys from X/OS have released it for 5.0 along with the other updates (on
> Oct. 9).
> Are the "enhancements"... "not important" as long as they're not "security
> updates"?
> True, the guys from SL have only released tzdata-2007h in "fastbugs" -- which
> is something you should not use --, but I am asking in a single place: why?
Ummm.  This is from my CentOS 5 /var/log/yum.log: Oct 06 14:30:09 
Updated: tzdata.noarch 2007h-1.el5

Your post made me curious about its origin.

        [rj at mavis ~]$ rpm -qi tzdata
        Name        : tzdata                       Relocations: (not
        Version     : 2007h                             Vendor: CentOS
        Release     : 1.el5                         Build Date: Sat 06
        Oct 2007 07:59:45 AM CDT
        Install Date: Sat 06 Oct 2007 02:30:01 PM CDT      Build Host:
        Group       : System Environment/Base       Source RPM:
        Size        : 1784261                          License: GPL
        Signature   : DSA/SHA1, Sat 06 Oct 2007 08:03:16 AM CDT, Key ID
        Summary     : Timezone data
        Description :
        This package contains data files with rules for various
        timezones around
        the world.

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