[CentOS] Local mirroring of the CentOS repos

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Fri Oct 12 16:44:29 UTC 2007

Kai Schaetzl wrote:
> Apparently, I 
> can avoid it when regularly downloading by specifying a timelimit, but I 
> can't avoid getting it all when I start a mirror (unless I use a 
> filelist).
    That wouldn't be a mirror then, would it? :)  I suppose, if you're 
really wanting to, one thing you could attempt, is what you suggested 
and maintain a filelist of what you want (or don't want.)  Another 
possibility might be to roll your own script to run rsync in a dry-run 
mode (-n) and filter the output, then go back and grab what you want 
based on that.  The dry-run mode will simply tell you what rsync would 
transfer without actually doing it.  So you can then take the result, 
parse it, figureout by version numbers what you want, and then fetch it 
all, again through rsync.

    But honestly, at that point, I just transfer the whole thing and not 
worry about it.  It's not like it takes an extremely large amount of 
space, at least not to me:

        :~> du -h --max-depth=2 CentOS/
        110M    CentOS/5.0/extras
        3.4G    CentOS/5.0/updates
        32K     CentOS/5.0/addons
        3.5G    CentOS/5.0
        3.5G    CentOS/

    (I exclude everything else from my rsync transfer, 64bit, isos, 
etc., etc.)

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