[CentOS] Howto reconfigure / rebuild CentOS 5 LiveCD

Ken Price kprice at nowyouknow.net
Mon Oct 15 18:54:53 UTC 2007

>> this may be helpful:
>> http://www.nanotechnologies.qc.ca/propos/linux/centos-live/i386/live/

This is great!  Been looking for this for a while.  Just created a  
couple test images without any issues or surprises.

> I would like to point out that this MIGHT be how we build the livecd for
> CentOS-5.1 (I would even say PROBABLY will be) ... however it was not
> how the livecd for CentOS-5.0 was produced.
> It might help you in your particular efforts though.

Does anyone have any suggestions for persisting configuration changes  
to floppy or other media like USB stick?  I don't want to create a new  
image every time a firewall rule changes, and I need changes to  
persist after a reboot.

I'm having a hard time finding information on this subject.  I was  
hoping for something a little more elegant than mounting a floppy via  
fstab and using symlinks to relocate configuration files like  
"/etc/sysconfig/iptables".  I'd like to use a single image for several  
machines.  Each hostname, firewall rules, ip addresses, etc would be  
saved on a floppy that's specific to that machine.


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