[CentOS] Conversion of text in shell

Ross S. W. Walker rwalker at medallion.com
Mon Oct 15 21:14:02 UTC 2007

As it turns out this was a CS class exercise in using sed and regex.

And excuse me, but you ARE using regular expressions in your example...


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Ross S. W. Walker wrote:
> Ross S. W. Walker wrote:
>> roland hellström wrote:
>>> OK! I finally figured out the solution for all you people out 
>>> the eager to hear it!!!
>>> it was infact very very similar to the last line I sent... 
>> this is it
>>> sed 's/\([^\.]*\).\([^,]*\),\([^\.]*\).\([^e]*\)e\(.*\)/\1,\2 
>>> \& $\3,\4 \\cdot 10^{\5}$\\\\/'
>>> omg I feel so h4xx0r figuring that out myself lol
>>> Thx for the help all :)
>> I am surprised you got it all in 1 regex, I was aiming more for:
>> sed 's/,/ & /;s/\./,/;s/\(.*\)e\(.*\)/\1 \\cdot 10^{\2}/'
> whoops, I made a mistake:
> sed 's/,/ \& /;s/\./,/g;s/\(.*\)e\(.*\)/\1 \\cdot 10^{\2}\$\\\\/'
> You need the 'g' option in the second substitute to perform a
> global, and of course the proper cdot expression.

you don't need regex:

sed \
	-e '/^ *$/d' \
	-e 's/,/ \& $/' \
	-e 's/\./,/g'  \
	-e 's/e/ \\cdot 10^{/' -e s'/$/}$\\\\/' \

now, the exercice is to read the input file directly with LaTeX using
TeX macros instead of converting it.

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