[CentOS] Trying to recover data off SATA-to-SCSI external 2TBARRAY

Ross S. W. Walker rwalker at medallion.com
Mon Oct 15 22:52:26 UTC 2007

Dan Carl wrote:
> Antonio da Silva Martins Junior wrote:
> >
> > ----- "Dan Carl" <danc at bluestarshows.com> escreveu:
> >
> > > The array that I'm tyring to recover is a SCSI-toSATA 2U external
> > > Raid device. It connects to any u320 controller and is suppose to
> > > show up to Linux as 1 SCSI drive.
> > > Quote from the manual:
> > > "These host interfaces are host O/S independent and will operate
> > > on any system that has a working SCSI or Fiber interface
> > > The DAS is made up of several components including a RAID 
> > > controller, backplane board with intelligent environmental
> > > monitoring, chassis, power supplies, fans, front control panel
> > > with LCD display and hard drive bays."
> > >
> > > The Smart Array card that it was originally connected to doesn't
> > > recongize it.
> > > The SmartArray is in a working server and is currently running an
> > > internal Raid 5.
> > >
> > > My guess is there was some hardware failure on the external side
> > > of the controller or the external array.
> > > My reasoning for this, is if I connect the A Channel of the
> > > external array to my Centos server my SCSI card doesn't recognize
> > > it.
> > > But if I connect it to the B channel side it does
> >
> > Well,
> >
> > from this I'm thinking you didn't need another SmartArray, but it
> > looks like the A channel from your DAS is the problem... Try look 
> > on the DAS manual for the configuration options (how the RAID drive
> > are made) and try to search a way to migrate the RAID from channel
> > A to B. Look for a way to acquire as much
> The way I understand it:
> Is that the external array or DAS can be serve as a storage device for
> two servers.
> So I should have to migrate it over to the B channel.
> > info on the DAS configuration you can before trying it. I already
> > had changed RAID disks from one controler to another (SmartArrays by 
> > the way), and the RAID disks are found without problem. But, if it
> > didn't work and the DAS "rebuild" it's RAID the data on the disks
> > are gone :(
> Did you go from a SmartArray to a standard u-320 SCSI controller?
> The reason I asked is:
> Could my problem be because the the DAS was originally partition and
> formated as a /dev/cciss device and now I trying to read it as a
> /dev/sda device?
> >
> > another way is trying to contact the DAS maker and their tech
> > assistant.
> Not an option, seems like a 2 man outfit in LA. Their suppurt 
> consisted of emailing me the owners manual.
> They just sell the stuff they don't support it.
> Another leason for everyone today.
> You may save the upfront money by buying noname hardware but 
> sooner or later you'll pay.

Did you try their management software to see if you could view the
health and status of the array?

It may be marked offline internally from the previous failure and
needs manual intervention to bring it back online.

Try installing and configuring the status monitor software from:



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