[CentOS] question on CentOS 4.4 SCD -> CentOS 5?

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Wed Oct 17 08:58:18 UTC 2007

Rogelio wrote:
>> If you plan to run CentOS 5, why not install it directly? If you want a
>> smaller installation medium, you can download the
>> os/<arch>/images/boot.iso ISO image and do a minimal netinstall. You
>> could also use just the first CentOS 5 CD and do a minimal install
>> (disable all software groups).
> Actually, I just tried this again with the first CentOS 5 CD, and it
> prompts me for the second one, even though I disabled all of the
> packages similarly to how I did when I used the DVD version.

You didn't disable everything :D

You need to select "Customize Now" (at the package group selection
stage) and disable/uncheck everything to get an install from only CD-1.

However, it is not that difficult to just download CD-1 and CD-2 and do
the install the way you did it the first time either.

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