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Fabian Arrotin fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net
Wed Oct 17 19:19:45 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-10-17 at 11:05 -0700, John R Pierce wrote:
> and I can't promote blade03 to primary.
> [root at svfis-blade03 ~]# drbdadm primary repdata 
> State change failed: (-2) Refusing to be Primary without at least one 
> UpToDate disk
> Command 'drbdsetup /dev/drbd0 primary' terminated with exit code 11
> what am I doing wrong?!?   the howto shows the disk state as 
> UpToDate/Inconsistent, which is what I'd expect.
> Do I have to use a physical device (/dev/sdb in the example) instead of 
> a partition?

No, you don't have to use a physical device , you can use partitions.
But the first time you want to promote a drbd device as primary, drbd
has to know first which is the one that will act as the master.
On the node that will act as a master for the initial full sync (only
one time), you'll have to use the `drbdadm -- --overwrite-data-of-peer
primary all` command.
On previous drbd (< 0.8) , the command was : `drbdadm -- --do-what-I-say
primary all` but the command was changed (see the drbd website)
You're right, it's missing from the wiki page and that will be updated
to reflect that ...

Thanks for having reported that .. :o)
Fabian Arrotin <fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net>
Solution ? 
echo '16i[q]sa[ln0=aln100%Pln100/snlbx]sbA0D4D465452snlbxq' | dc
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