[CentOS] /tmp

Matthew Miller mattdm at mattdm.org
Thu Oct 18 16:31:57 UTC 2007

On Thu, Oct 18, 2007 at 12:35:59PM -0300, Centos wrote:
> the tmpwatch in crontab is as follow , and I believe it should remove 
> the files after 240 hours,
> but as far as I see , it removes them much more earlier.
> more /etc/cron.daily/tmpwatch
> /usr/sbin/tmpwatch -x /tmp/.X11-unix -x /tmp/.XIM-unix -x 
> /tmp/.font-unix       -x /tmp/.ICE-unix -x /tmp/.Test-unix 240 /tmp

There's a subtle issue. It will remove them after their access time
is older than 240 hours. The access time could be somehow set to older than
that with a program like 'touch' -- and, I have no idea how it deals with
filesystems mounted with noatime. (Is yours?)

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