[CentOS] DocX support in OpenOffice

Paul subsolar at subsolar.com
Fri Oct 19 00:08:13 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-10-18 at 11:54 -0700, centos at 911networks.com wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Oct 2007 12:45:56 -0600
> Frank Cox <theatre at sasktel.net> wrote:
> ...
> > Perhaps it would help if you pointed out to them that the Open
> > Document Format is an ISO standard for document storage and
> > exchange, and suggest that they use that instead.
> ...
> Here is the basic problem with Linux! Over 1 million office 2007
> users and they have to change their software because it does not
> conform to the "standard". 

Well there are some fortune 500 companies like the automotive ones that
won't take office 2007 file formats and will not so kindly tell
suppliers to save in Office 2003 format.

I imagine there are 100s of millions of users using previous versions of
office and can't read .docx without extra work ... why should a small
handful push the rest of the world around??

> Since Windows is about 90% of all the computers we have to adapt
> to them. 

Actually Office 2000/XP is probably the defacto standard if you are
dealing with large companies.  The only reason Office 2007 has a
perception of being a standard over OpenOffice.org who probably has a
larger installed base is because of the "M" word in front of Office.

Microsoft is pushing the issue making it impossible to buy office 2003
unless you buy volume licenses because it is specifically forbidden to
downgrade Office 2007 to Office 2003 or prior version.

People need to push back and not just accept everything.

Paul Berger

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