[CentOS] Changing php5 with php4 in CentOS 5

Michael Watters wattersm at liquidweb.com
Fri Oct 19 18:50:57 UTC 2007

Can Cizer wrote:
>  Hi,
>  In our server CentOS 5 is installed. Some of our web pages are 
> compatible with php4 but in centOS 5 , php5 is installed and we cannot 
> see our pages.
>  I want to remove php5 and install php4 but i could not find php4 rpm 
> for CentOS 5. Can anybody help me?
>  Thanks
>  Can Çizer
PHP 4 will no longer be supported soon and most scripts have been 
updated to work on PHP 5.  If you still insist on using PHP 4 you can 
always download and build it from source.  Use the checkinstall script 
and you can even make your own RPMs.

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