[CentOS] Re: DocX support in OpenOffice

John Bowden j-alan at btconnect.com
Fri Oct 19 18:51:08 UTC 2007

On Thursday 18 October 2007 22:48:07 Scott Silva wrote:
> on 10/18/2007 2:20 PM Morten Torstensen spake the following:
> > Miguel Medalha wrote:
> >>> It is not only a problem for Linux users. Office 2003/XP/2000 etc can
> >>> not read these files either. I know many Windows only shops who are
> >>> pretty annoyed with the upgrade churn Microsoft force on them.
> >>
> >> A filter that enables Office 2003 to open DocX files is available free
> >> from Microsoft.
> >
> > Office XP? Office 2000? The latest Office product I own is Office XP,
> > and I have no plans to update it... simply too expensive and it it not
> > cost effective.

Same version hear installed on 1 of 2 m$ machines out of 8 plus PC's, and I'm 
only a hobby-est ! M$ has made me a criminal as I copied my Office 2000 disks 
from one of my friends educational licenced disks.

> >
> > //Morten
> I think it works all the way back to at least Office XP, and maybe 2000.

In this neck of the woods I'm the local anorak, (and proud !) So the locals 
bring me their machines to fix, which in a good 75 / 80 % of instances means 
backing up their "My documents directory, and re-installing windoz. Some even 
bring me a big stack of games and other software disks to install for them 
before tacking it home. I can't really complain as it has earned me a lot of 
beer money over the years. I always install Open office telling them why I 
think its better, but I let them know I will visit their home to install 
Office 2000 if they find they can't live with out it. Only once has some one 
asked me to do this. The average Joe Smith out there does not know or care 
about document formats. They have only seen windoz on PC's from school days 
to workdays. 
Also a large percent of these people loose / damage their windows disk and 
don't loose a single nights sleep asking me to put a pirate copy on their 
machine. May be 10% are willing to let me install a copy of Linux on their 
machine to give it a go, most of these want a dual boot setup and probably 
half of them don't bother to have a look at the Linux boot option until their 
windoz machine goes pear shaped. I tell them I'm fully book for a week or two 
but if they want to give that Linux option a go I will give them telephone 
support so they can access their Email or Ebay.
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