[CentOS] centos: infinite loop at boot using mptspi scsi device

Jan Falkenhagen spam.to.f at lkenhagen.de
Sat Oct 20 13:56:37 UTC 2007

hello, i am very new to centos and experienced some trouble yesterday
when installing centos 5 onto our workgroup server. Our Server is
equipped with an external RAID-array using an  LSI Logic / Symbios Logic
53c1030 PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI (rev 07)
SCSI controller. 

Unfortunately the Server won't boot with the array connected, but gives
the error message:  

	target1:0:2: Domain Validation detected failure, dropping back

again and again. The now deleted SuSE 9.2 distribution (kernel 2.6.11),
that we used for a long time was working just fine with the array.
However Debian 4.0 which uses an 2.6.18 kernel just like CentOS 5 does

We then tried to use the recent Fedora Core 6 kernel 2.6.22-xx which is
working fine again, so this has to be a kernel issue. As i don't like
the idea to have to use a Fedora kernel with CentOS, i am looking for a
recent (unofficial) kernel that has been tested to work with CentOS. Is
there any repository for that (maybe with some kind of security updates
best regards
Jan Falkenhagen

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