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MBernha at bart.gov MBernha at bart.gov
Tue Oct 23 00:01:30 UTC 2007

I am forwarding this exchange from the BIND 9 list (I posted the question)
because it seems relevant. any comment on this? Is it for the North
American Linux Distributor to fix, or is it something the CentOS folks can

> When my 64-bit Centos5 machine boots up, I see the following messages:
> process `rndc' is using obsolete setsockopt SO_BSDCOMPAT process 
> `named' is using obsolete setsockopt SO_BSDCOMPAT

This is an unfortunate linuxism.  The kernel people put this warning in,
but left SO_BSDCOMPAT defined in their header files, so you can't get
around it by using #ifdef SO_BSDCOMPAT.

BIND 9 has a linux kernel version check that's supposed to prevent it from
setting that socket option on kernels that don't need it... but I guess it
doesn't work on CentOS5, I've no idea why not.

The proper fix would be for the linux people to stop issuing this warning
in production kernels.  In the meantime, you can shut it up by editing
lib/isc/unix/socket.c and changing the function clear_bsdcompat() so it
always sets bsdcompat to ISC_FALSE.

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