[CentOS] Site about qmail (with CentOS as SO)

Christopher Chan christopher at ias.com.hk
Tue Oct 23 04:21:04 UTC 2007

Chris Mauritz wrote:
> Christopher Chan wrote:
>>> It is like a step-by-step book, that intendes to *really* help people
>>> getting their servers up and running.
>> I would really rather make qmail newbies go through the flames and 
>> really learn how qmail works than let them loose with a list of 
>> instructions.
> Just tell them to ask djb for help.....or if you want to make things a 
> little easier, you could just bathe them in honey and bury a manual at 
> the bottom of a fire ant mound....

I never needed to approach DJB for help. I managed with the 
documentation that came with qmail just fine. The manual comes with qmail.

Robin Bowes is no longer on the qmail list among others and so there is 
very little flaming now there.

> How about we talk about supporting MTAs that are actually distributed 
> with CentOS (postfix/Sendmail)????

Hey, don't leave out exim :-P

Oh, and I have supported postfix. I used to post here as Feizhou. Then 
we have the question of whether the Centos list should take questions on 
postfix/sendmail instead of redirecting them to the postfix list or the 
sendmail newsgroup.

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